The Pittsburgh International airport consists of two main buildings, namely the Landside Terminal and the Airside Terminal. They are located at the underground people mover after the security checkpoint area of Pittsburgh Airport. Interestingly, the terminal facilities are run entirely by computers. There is no human control, of course, aside from emergencies.

The landside terminal is located at the entrance point for passengers traveling via flights originate from Pittsburgh, and also it is close to the parking garage areas. The landside terminal includes ticketing, security checkpoints, all domestic baggage claim areas, and ground transportation such as limo, taxi, and the Port Authority's 28X airport shuttle.

Besides those facilities, several cafes and shops occupy the area of Landside Terminal, including Travelmart, Dunkin Donuts, SueVenir, and Travelex Bureau currency services. Also, throughout this terminal, you can find Airport Police Headquarters and Travelers Aid desks on baggage claim and the transit levels.

In 2023 it is planned that the current landside terminal will be replaced with an estimated amount of US$1.1 billion to connect the landside terminal directly to the airside terminal where concourses C and D are located. Around 12 new gates will be added to the PIT airport. However, this will result in the elimination of the construction of new parking and the people mover service.

The Airside Terminal includes 75 gates and four concourses, but only 56 boarding gates are currently available for use. The complex contains the majority of the AirMall shops and other over 100 different types of shops. On the mezzanine level, passengers can find the Admirals Club and a chapel. Carnegie Science Center and other historical sites of Pittsburgh Aviation History Displays are located throughout the PIT airport.

As mentioned earlier, there are four Concourses located at Pittsburgh International Airport:

Concourse A consists of 25 gates. It is operated by Air Canada, Southwest, Boutique Air, and United Express. Delta Airlines use Concourse A gates for overnighting aircraft and charter flights. Multiple beverages and food concessions occupy the concourse A.

Concourse B has 25 gates, and only gates B26 and B44 are available for current use. It is run by Alaska Airlines, American Eagle, American, JetBlue, Spirit, and Southern Airways Express. Some limited concessionaires still operate in concourse B.

Concourse C includes 11 boarding gates and hosts international arrivals (except for cities with U.S. border preclearance. Those passengers must pass through Concourse C, as customs and immigration facility is located on the lower level). Even though Concourse C is a home for International routes, still some domestic flights operate. For instance, Gates C55, C57–C61 accommodate international traffic flights. Gate C61 hosts a dual jetway to help widebody aircraft. There are several facilities located in Concourse C, including a children's play area, an exhibit commemorating Mister Rogers' Neighborhood. Concourse C is run by Allegiant Air, Condor, Sunwing, British Airways, VivaAerobús, and Swift Air for all flights.

Concerning the Concourse D, it has 14 gates out of which only seven gates are in use. The PIT airport began to remove seven jet bridges, to accommodate the construction of the Terminal Modernization Program in November 2019. Concourse D is utilized by Delta Connection, Delta, and Frontier.


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