Pittsburgh International Airport provides a variety of regularly patrolled, safe, and convenient parking garages for short-term and long-term parking.

Cell Phone Lot

To access the Cell Phone Lot, remember to enter via the Extended Parking Area. Only those customers who have to pick up travelers can access the area and use the service, which is free for the first hour, for an additional hour cost it $2.

Accessible Parking for Disabled at PIT

Customers with disabled plates or permits have a special offer from PIT parking service. They can use the lowest application rate for their stay in the lots. But, be aware that in that case, those patrons must exit a lane marked 'Open' or 'Cash Only' to receive the access for this rate.

Short-term Parking Lot at PIT

Customers who wish to park less than 24 hours the ideal option for parking is Short-term Lot. The area is convenient to pick-up and drop-off the passengers. Besides, there is direct access to the Transit Level. Parking at the short-term parking lot, hourly will cost 2$; Additional one hour is 4$; Daily rate is max. 26$. Note that parking rates include fees and taxes. Reservation is not required but is recommended.

Long-term Parking Lot at PIT

For travelers with carry-on luggage and on short trips with tickets, long-term parking is a perfect option to park your vehicle.

The parking lot has direct access to the Transit Level through moving Walkway. To part your car at the long-term parking lot, the hourly rate is 3$ and daily max—16$, including taxes and fees. Reservation is not required but is recommended.

Extended Economy Parking

Another option to park your vehicle at Pittsburgh International Airport is to choose Extended Economy Parking Service, which also includes the Cell Phone Lot complex. This parking lot is recommended for travelers on long trips. Besides, airport shuttle service to and from the terminals is provided via buses. Parking for the first hour is free, 2ndhour costs 2$, after 2 hours the normal rate average is 8$, daily max. It is 8$, including fees and taxes.


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