TSA Security Checking and Screening Process at PIT Airport

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) monitors passengers departing from the PIT airport. TSA agents have the responsibility to ensure the safety of individuals. Be aware of the procedure that the TSA requires. For instance, you should remove all your items, carry-on bag, metal-belongings, electronic devices, coat or jacket, shoes, and place them separately on each bin for X-ray scanning and go ahead under the body scanner machine.

Remember that there are some retractions on the items to carry with you. To avoid any inconvenience, check the prohibited items at the following website:

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) offers some useful travel tips to help keep your experience enjoyable and safe. Those travel tips will help you to facilitate the security screening process during your trip to the airport. For more information, visit :

Safety and Security at Pittsburgh International Airport

For Pittsburgh International Airport, the safety of each air traveler is the top priority. The Allegheny County Airport Authority is working hard to assist air travelers and ensure safety as much as possible to provide the best customer service at PIT Airport.

At PIT, there are many security-related improvements such as unattended bags quickly checked by law enforcement officials. Also, there are unattended vehicles in front of the terminal that is being immediately towed. Besides, only those passengers with boarding passes or with a myPITpass are accepted to enter the security checkpoints. Be aware of the prohibited items such as pocket knives, ammunition, guns, and incorrectly-sized liquids that are confiscated at the checkpoints. There is a presence of heightened law enforcement and more vigorous searches of passengers and their luggage throughout the PIT. The airport encourages and recommends all customers of PIT airport to refer to "PIT’s travel tips."

Legal Documents and Real ID

Air travelers who are aged 18 and over must present valid identification. Under the TSA policy, children under 18 traveling in the United States via domestic routes, does not have to show any license or I.D. document.

Be aware of the new policy that comes into working from the beginning of October 1, 2020. According to its requirements, a Real ID-compliant, a driver's license, I.D., or permit cards will be required on the entry in individual federal facilities throughout the U.S. A Real ID meets all government requirements for driver's licenses, another permit, and identification cards.

Security Checkpoints and Departure Time at PIT

Security checkpoints are available from 4 a.m. to 6 p.m. All air travelers are recommended to arrive at least 90 minutes earlier before the scheduled flight for domestic routes. As for international flights, please enter 3 hours before your scheduled time.


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