Security Procedures at PIT Airport

TSA must check air travelers commuting via domestic and international flights on the entry of the United States. Security checking consists of the same process as it is for departing passengers. Be aware and get prepared to go under a body scanner machine, remove your belongings, and put in the particular bin for X-ray checking. TSA agents make the right to check your carry-on bag and other belongings if necessary.

Custom and Border Protection

Custom and Border Protection service, CBP, aim to check your identification and ensure the safety of allowing passengers to enter the U.S. CBP agents have to verify the Real I.D.s, Visa, all immigration documents, license or other types of permit cards. CBP can ask you additional questions if necessary. The questions usually aim to find out the reason for arrival, stay, duration, etc. in the States.

Baggage Claim and Meeting Areas

Baggage Claim at Pittsburgh airport is located in the Landside Terminal, on the lower level.PIT provides SmarteCartes luggage carts accessible in the following areas: At Landside Terminal, you can find carts at every baggage claim carousel; In short-term parking, on ticketing level, in a rental car lot, behind the Information Desk and by moving walkways. For passengers at Airside terminal, SmarteCarte is available in the Center Core and Concourses A, B, and D. After the baggage claim area, you will find signs to exit and meeting points.


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